I Can Resist Anything but Temptation Strangers (2016)

The ten-track album is called 'I Can Resist Anything But Temptation', gives us post-modern soul for the listener who likes their grooves smoked, cheeky and easy.

The album title is a paraphrase of an Oscar Wilde remark with Clarke offering a dark twist to its connotations of self-indulgence: “Sometimes the things you can't resist are the things that make you sick”. It’s an album about misplaced desires, disillusionment and self- destruction but with a sunshine zest that belies its subject matter. At its core there's a call to break the circle of self-harm and a dream of moving on, moving forward. Sung through his signature wide vocal range, the message rides a casual ‘70s-flavoured upbeat mood, taking listeners back to that era, like a time-travelling fusion of ‘Summer Breeze’-era Isley Brothers and Rumer.

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