His exploration of the human condition echoes Scott Walker, with his unique, delicate vocals and intricate playing forged in a contemporary
Intimate setting.

Seany Clarke is a British singer-songwriter whose music has developed into a intimate, rhythmic blend of alternative Folk and Soul with a sound that is often half a step outside traditional borders of genre. 

Coining his sound as ‘fly-Folk’, Seany takes inspiration from an eclectic mix of major artists such as Curtis Mayfield, Elvis Costello, Paul Weller and John Martyn.

Seany's second album Familiar Strangers was released in July 2019. Entirely self-penned, self-produced and self-played, he gives us acoustic psychodrama that courts tenderness and submits to tension. As Seany zooms into the troubled mind, he finds echoes of his own experiences and shares them with irony, pathos and playfulness. Seany says: “I’m looking into an infinity mirror seeing myself and a million different shades of strangers receding in a row. In divided times are we so different after all?” 

“He delivers an intriguing take on 21st-century life, exhibiting a keen eye and ear for the subtleties of relationships” - The Musician Magazine

Originally from London, Seany started life as a rock drummer and guitarist but would soon establish himself as an acoustic singer-songwriter, gaining confidence by busking on the London tubes. “I'd get a lot of attitude from small minds because I sang like an indie kid”, says Seany. “I was into the Jam. People are far too complex to be stereotyped.”

He became a regular performer at London venues such as The Spitz and the Kashmere Club supporting the likes of Kiki Dee and Nick Heyward. By this time he had already moved to Brighton, but no sooner had he done so, than he found himself hiking to Liverpool to record his demo material with former Boo Radley's bassist and drummer Tim Brown and Rob Cieka.

Soul became woven more deeply into Seany’s music. He began producing his own material and became co-writer-singer-guitarist for Catskills Records’ Soul Funk outfit Hardkandy, playing a major role in their Last to Leave album. The Telegraph remarked on Seany's “outstanding soul vocals” for Hardkandy.

He was also bass player for Gut Records’ indie band Chungking.

With both bands, and as a solo artist, he has played major British and European venues.

The intimate themes of Seany’s new album play around his lower soulful vocal register, in a departure from his Funky Boy Racer EP. In its review, Brighton Source Magazine wrote of his voice as lilting “above notes we’re personally incapable of reaching this side of puberty”. 

Seany says: “I worked out that people listen harder when you’re not in their face so much”.

He sang about misplaced desires, disillusionment and self-destruction with the Oscar Wilde inspired debut long player, ‘I Can Resist Anything But Temptation’, described by soulandjazzandfunk.com as “classy 21st Century pop with a soulful undertow”. 

Seany took his message to the stage on a support tour at venues such as Nell’s Jazz and Blues, London, and Exeter Phoenix, as well as to more recent supports that included Dexy’s Midnight Runners’ hero Geno Washington. These gigs saw him perform stripped-back acoustic versions of songs from the album that bristled with raw soulful and rhythmic intent - a vibe that has come a long way since Seany’s punky beginnings.

What the press says about Seany Clarke

Outstanding soul vocals” – The Telegraph 

Sly, Curtis and even Prince are all present in spirit as the vocal lilts above notes we’re personally incapable of reaching this side of puberty” – Brighton Source 

Classy 21st Century pop with a soulful undertow” – soulandjazzandfunk.com

Sweet, evocative, soulful”– The Argus